Help Ease Agitation With Alzheimer’s In-Home Care

In-Home Care in Gilbert

In-Home Care in Gilbert

It’s estimated that 6.5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease. As the disease progresses, Alzheimer’s in-home care is essential. Wandering and forgetfulness are just part of the disease’s symptoms.

Your mom has Alzheimer’s and is starting to be easily agitated at minor things. How will Alzheimer’s in-home care help with this troubling symptom?

Alzheimer’s Care Aides Often Have More Experience

You’re new to Alzheimer’s, and it’s your mom, which makes it extremely hard to watch. An Alzheimer’s in-home caregiver has seen it all before. They have the experience you lack, which can significantly help. You’ll learn from them, and your mom will get quality care.

Even if you’ve had years of experience, there may be things your mom does that you haven’t experienced before. It can be easier if you have an experienced caregiver available for guidance.

When your mom is agitated, how should you redirect her? You may always resort to tactics that don’t always work. You think of music or a TV show, but your mom’s Alzheimer’s in-home caregiver may know other tricks like breaking out into dance, grabbing a coloring book and crayons, or making funny faces.

Your Mom Gets a Break From You

When you hire others to help with Alzheimer’s in-home care, your mom gets a break from having you there. She probably dislikes having to rely on her child so much. It makes her feel like a burden, even if you repeatedly tell her that’s not the case.

She’ll have the chance to be around someone different. Even as Alzheimer’s progresses, your mom needs to socialize. She may not want to, but it can help her. Her new in-home caregiver will have a different energy from yours, which can be a nice change of pace for your mom.

And, You Get a Break From Your Mom

Your mom gets a break from you, but you get a break from her. Alzheimer’s is a cruel disease, emotionally, physically, and mentally draining. Showing frustration or sadness when your mom is agitated is likely to worsen your mom’s behavior. It would be best if you take frequent breaks.

Use this time away for self-care. See your doctor, attend a support group, or go out with friends. You might want to take a Yoga class or stay home and catch up on sleep. It doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is that you’re getting that necessary break to avoid burnout.

Schedule weekly visits with an Alzheimer’s in-home care aide in the earlier stages when possible. It gives your mom time to get to know her caregiver while her cognitive skills haven’t completely diminished. There will come the point where meeting anyone new causes severe anxiety, making it harder for her to adjust.

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