After one fall, you’re not sure it’s a good idea for your dad to keep living alone without any help.

He doesn’t like the idea of senior care services. He’s afraid it will impact his freedom and privacy. He suggests that a medical alert system is all he needs. You’re not sure. Is a medical alert system enough? Is it a good substitute for senior care?


Caregiver in Scottsdale AZ: Your Senior Needs More Help

Caregiver in Scottsdale AZ: Your Senior Needs More Help


What Does a Medical Alert System Do?

You may have seen the older TV ads with a woman who falls in her kitchen and needs help getting back on her feet. She pushes the button on her necklace and connects to a representative who talks to her via speakerphone and is able to get the right emergency department dispatched to her home.

That’s one of the things a medical alert system can do. If your dad falls, there are pendants or bracelets that detect the fall and signal the representative to call him. If he doesn’t respond, help is dispatched. If he is okay, he’ll answer the representative’s questions to make sure he’s fine.

If your dad wakes up and feels sick, he can alert his representative and they can call you. If his illness is deemed an emergency, paramedics would get the call first. You’d then be able to meet your dad at the hospital.

Another add-on for medical alert systems is GPS tracking. If your dad has dementia and starts to wander, the GPS tracking could help you locate him.

Medical alert systems help your dad quickly reach a professional to dispatch emergency services for falls, illness, fire, or other emergencies. There is a monthly fee. Some systems require you to pay a set-up fee. You need to have VoIP or traditional phone service. Some charge fees if you discontinue the service. Make sure you read the fine print.



What Does Senior Care Do That a Medical Alert System Doesn’t?

Senior care does a lot that a medical alert system cannot do. If your dad starts using his medical alert system to talk to another person, too many calls could lead to penalties in some areas. He can have senior care aides for companionship.

Your dad no longer is able to drive. Caregivers can pick him up, help him buckle up, and drive him to stores and area businesses. They can escort him to medical appointments. They can even take him to the park for a walk if that’s something he wants.

A medical alert system cannot clean your dad’s home. If he needs help with cleaning and laundry, he’d want a medical alert system.

Senior care aides are there for him to talk to. He’s not going to pay extra for simply talking to the caregiver at his home. Senior care is a much better solution to all of the services that help your dad live independently.


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