Caregiver Tips: Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s How to Get Your Mom to Rely on Others

Caregiver Tips: In addition to your full-time job, you also have children at home and a house to maintain.

Your mom is relying on you to help her at her home, too. It’s starting to overwhelm you, but you don’t know if your mom will be receptive to having others to rely on. It’s time to talk to her about the things other caregivers could be helping her complete each week. Here are some caregiver tips on how to address the benefits and services available if she agrees to try companion care at home.


Home Care Assistance in Scottsdale AZ: Overwhelmed

Home Care Assistance in Scottsdale AZ: Overwhelmed


Ask Others for Input

If your mom has any friends who receive home care services, ask them to talk to her. They can tell her what it’s like and help her understand how to find a caregiver that matches her personality. Hearing first-person accounts from people she trusts makes her less likely to worry about companion care being something she won’t enjoy.

She may not have friends close by. You can also use movies to demonstrate what it’s like. Films like The Untouchables give a good look into the joy a caregiver can bring to your life.


Start Small

Work in stages. Start your mom with a few hours of caregiver services once a week. While the caregiver helps your mom, be somewhere in the home. If she knows you’re close by, she’s more likely to feel some level of comfort.

As she gets used to her caregiver, start taking trips to stores. See how she adjusts to being alone with her caregiver. Work your way up to going to the office for a full day. If you get her time to get used to companion care at home, it will boost her confidence.


Talk to Her Honestly

Be honest with your mom. Tell her you love helping her, but you’re finding it hard to devote the time you feel she deserves with your job responsibilities, your kids, and your other responsibilities. Tell her that you still want to help, but you need to make sure you’re not taking on too much.

You may be able to get other family members to also help her. If you can help her on weekends and your sister can help one day during the week, that leaves four days for caregiver services. Your mom may be more amenable to an arrangement like that.

If you’re burning out, it’s time to address self-care. Your mom may not love the idea of relying on others, but she’ll become more confident each day. Call an agency and ask about companion care at home services. Use the caregiver tips above to help you.


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