Companion Care: How Can Companion Care Improve Your Dad’s Quality of Life?

Companion Care: Your dad plans to age at home, but you worry it is affecting his quality of life.

His health is changing, and he has a long list of things he has to do to say healthy. Have you ever looked at the benefits of companion care?

Companion Care at Home in Phoenix AZ: Elderly Care

Companion Care at Home in Phoenix AZ: Elderly Care

He Has Companionship

Two of the hardest parts of aging at home can be loneliness and isolation. Your dad doesn’t have to be alone all week. He can have caregivers stop by daily or a few times a week to join him for a meal, take him out, or play games with him.

If your dad is alone and you live hours away, you may find yourself worrying about him being all alone during a storm. He can have a caregiver available to check on him and make sure he has power and heat. His caregiver can make sure his water is running and that pipes haven’t frozen or burst.

When there are problems, his elder care aide can take him to a shelter, if needed, or call a contractor to get repairs made. Not only does that help your dad, but it gives you peace of mind that he’s okay.

Someone Can Drive Him Around

Your dad may not be able to drive anymore, but that doesn’t mean he can’t go out. With his caregiver taking over driving, your dad can go to the stores just as often as he has. He has a safe driver to take him to his doctor’s appointments.

If he wants to go for a ride to look at the foliage in the mountains, his caregiver can drive him around. He’s able to go out and enjoy his time away from the house. Plus, you don’t have to take time off work if you can’t afford to take him to some of his appointments.

Companion Care: He Stays Independent

The only thing your dad needs to live alone is someone to help him cook meals. He has that with a caregiver. Meals are planned out to match his needs and tastes. His caregiver can take him shopping, carry everything in, put things away, and prepare meals and snacks for him.

With a helping hand each week, your dad enjoys his independence at home. You no longer have to worry about him being alone all week.

Companion care services ensure your dad retains independence as he ages at home. How do you schedule services? Reach out to an elder care professional to discuss available services and prices in the area.


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