Driving is one of those areas where you and your senior might find yourselves constantly arguing. Coming to some compromises can work for both of you.


Elder Care in Gilbert AZ: Compromises with a Driving Senior

Elder Care in Gilbert AZ: Compromises with a Driving Senior


If Her Vision Is Compromised, She Won’t Drive

Your senior’s vision is one of the most important senses she uses when driving. If her vision is sometimes troublesome, or she has trouble seeing at night or during poor weather, then this is an important compromise to consider. Not driving when she knows she can’t see well helps to reduce the likelihood that she’s going to have a problem.


Familiar Locations Are Okay

Familiar locations are usually ones that your senior has driven to or around often and that can be a blessing for her. When she’s in an area that she knows well, she may be more confident behind the wheel and that can help her to avoid difficult situations. If she does feel uncomfortable, let her know that she can ask for help anytime.


She’ll Plan Her Routes in Advance

If you know that your senior will plan her trips, even the ones to familiar locations, in advance, that can go a long way toward helping you to feel more comfortable. That plan can be as simple as making sure that she’s going out at a time that is less likely to be crowded and that she’s using a route that is less likely to pose problems for her.


Padding Travel Time Means She Doesn’t Have to Rush

If you and your senior can agree that she’ll pad her travel time a bit, that can help you to feel more comfortable. Lots of problems crop up because drivers are trying to rush to their destination. If your elderly family member feels as if she needs to hurry, she might be more likely to make a mistake. Knowing that she’s giving herself plenty of time for each trip can be a relief for you both.


Alternative Transportation Is Always Available with No “Penalties”

You might also want to make some alternative transportation options available for your senior with no penalties or recrimination from you if she chooses to use those options. That means you won’t use those times she chooses that form of transport as a reason to tell her she can’t keep driving at all. When your senior always knows that she can count on options like having elder care providers do the driving, she might be more amenable to not driving when she really shouldn’t.

If you and your senior work out a few compromises around driving, you might find that she gets more cooperative about the topic in general.


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