Telemedicine might not have seemed possible to your senior in the past, but now the coronavirus pandemic has caused doctors and insurance companies to find ways to make sure patients get the care they need while doing so as safely as possible. Telehealth allows for that.


Elder Care in Phoenix AZ: Telemedicine

Elder Care in Phoenix AZ: Telemedicine



Medicare Has Expanded Telemedicine Coverage

In the past, Medicare didn’t cover telemedicine charges. With the coronavirus pandemic becoming more of a concern, Medicare has expanded telemedicine coverage. Telemedicine makes talking to a doctor easier and can help your elderly family member to stay at home instead of leaving her home and going to her doctor’s office.


What Should Your Senior Expect?

Learning something new can be intimidating. In the case of telemedicine, your senior may be dealing with new technology as well as the fact that she’s not in the same room with her doctor. Your senior will have an appointment, just like she would for a regular visit. She’ll need to check-in through her doctor’s telehealth software, and the appointment progresses, typically through videoconferencing.


Your Senior May Still Need to Go Into Her Doctor’s Office

Most health issues can be dealt with through a telehealth visit. This is especially true if this is just a follow-up visit for an existing health issue. There is always a possibility, though, that your elderly family member may need to actually go to her doctor’s office for an in-person visit. If you’re not able to go with her, it may be helpful to have home care providers go with her. They can assist with transportation and also help your elderly family member to feel more secure.


This May Continue to Be a “Thing”

Even after the coronavirus pandemic resolves, telemedicine may continue to be a big part of healthcare for many people. This can be a huge benefit for your senior. She doesn’t have to take more than a few minutes out of her day for a videoconference for a follow-up visit, whereas an in-person appointment can take much longer. This also can help if your elderly family member is nervous about going to the doctor.


Telemedicine can be an important way for your elderly family member to continue to get the medical help that she needs without having to feel unsafe in the process. Learning new technology is challenging, but learning new things is a good way for your senior to keep her brain going.

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