Weight-bearing exercises are those types of movements that use gravity to strengthen your senior’s muscles and bones. Her doctor might recommend weight-bearing exercise if her bones are showing signs of weakness. Make sure that whatever type of exercise your senior starts is one that her doctor agrees is right for her.


Elder Care in Tempe AZ: Weight-bearing Exercise

Elder Care in Tempe AZ: Weight-bearing Exercise


Stretching Exercises, Including Yoga

Stretching is fantastic for your senior because it helps to loosen her muscles and alleviates tightness in joints. It can also be a type of weight-bearing exercise. Stretching qualifies because there are plenty of types of stretches that involve your senior standing or using her own weight as part of the exercise. Yoga is an excellent example of the type of stretches that your senior might want to consider.


All Types of Walking Counts

Another easy form of weight-bearing exercise is for your senior to simply start walking. Any type of walking can count, whether it’s out on a nature trail or on a treadmill. If your elderly family member is really nervous about walking, she can even walk in place in her home. She doesn’t need any special equipment in order to walk, either. Simply having comfortable footwear is a good start.


Any Kind of Dancing

Dancing is a lot like walking, but it can be a little more fun for some people and the music can be distracting for people who don’t like to exercise. Find music that your elderly family member enjoys and that helps her to want to move. Turning that playlist on for five to ten minutes a couple of times a day can help her to get up and get moving a lot more than she used to. Low-impact aerobics classes can do the same thing for her in a group setting.


Riding a Bicycle

If your elderly family member doesn’t feel up to some of these types of exercises, then maybe sitting and riding a bike would be easier on her. Stationary recumbent bikes or even bikes that you ride for fun in the neighborhood both cause your senior to put weight on her legs, which is a key part of weight-bearing exercises of all types. Riding an actual bike outside requires some safety gear but riding a stationary bike at home means she can bike in all sorts of weather.


One of the reasons your elderly family member might object to exercising is that it takes some energy for her to commit to it on a regular basis. Helping her to manage her energy effectively is something that elderly care providers can help your senior to figure out by handling some of the more demanding tasks for her.


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