You have probably heard about so many different healthy foods.

Your elderly loved one probably has, as well. Eating healthy is an essential part of keeping the body healthy and preventing obesity. However, did you know that there are some healthy foods that aren’t that healthy for the elderly? Some of these healthy foods have high levels of bacteria in them or can cause food poisoning. These things are more dangerous for the elderly. Keep reading here to find out which healthy foods aren’t that healthy for the elderly.


Elderly Care in Chandler AZ: Healthy Foods

Elderly Care in Chandler AZ: Healthy Foods



One of the healthy foods that aren’t healthy for the elderly is sprouts. These are usually considered super health foods for other people because they have a lot of minerals and vitamins in them. However, elderly people should not be eating sprouts. The main reason for this is because they are often filled with illness-inducting bacteria. They might have E-coli or salmonella in them. This can make your elderly loved one very sick. It can lead to severe weight loss or even pneumonia. Instead of sprouts, your elderly loved one should eat collard greens, kale, swiss chard, or spinach.


Soft Cheese

Many people love soft cheese such as camembert, chevre, blue cheese, and brie. However, these are usually unpasteurized and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. If your elderly loved one already has a compromised immune system or a sensitive stomach, they should not eat soft cheeses. However, it is still important that your elderly loved one gets the vitamin D they need, which is found in soft cheeses. They can eat Swiss, Monterey Jack, or cheddar cheese instead.



Back in the day, your elderly loved one may have been able to eat sushi all the time. However, now that they are older, they should avoid eating it. Sushi can be healthy as it often has a lot of omega-3s, minerals, and vitamins in it. Your elderly loved one can still eat the fully-cooked sushis. However, since the sushi with raw fish in it can have harmful bacteria, they need to avoid eating those ones.


Healthy Foods: Conclusion

These are some of the healthy foods that aren’t that healthy for the elderly. In fact, it is best if you and your elderly loved one’s caregivers encourage them to avoid sprouts, soft cheeses, and raw sushi altogether. There are other healthy foods, as mentioned above, they can have instead.


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