Hospital readmission is a very real concern and it’s something that you and your senior likely want to avoid.
But after a hospital stay, how can you tell if there’s something actually going wrong or if you’re just feeling a little overprotective of your elderly family member? Pay close attention to the information you get when your senior is released from the hospital and keep these tips in mind.


Elderly Care in Gold Canyon AZ: Worsening or Healing After Hospital

Elderly Care in Gold Canyon AZ: Worsening or Healing After Hospital


You’re Seeing Symptoms That Make You Nervous

When your senior comes home from the hospital, she’s going to need time to recover, of course. But when you’re noticing signs like serious pain or a fever, that can be an indication that something is wrong. If your elderly family member had surgery, then you’re going to want to pay close attention to the incision or to the bandage if your senior isn’t supposed to remove the bandage.


Your Senior Is Feeling Worse

Healing is hard work, but if your elderly family member is feeling a lot worse than she did before she went into the hospital, that’s not necessarily a good sign. Try to get as specific as you can if she’s definitely feeling worse. You’re going to want to describe how she’s feeling to her doctor and to other medical providers.


Your Senior Mentions Something Doesn’t Feel Right

Even if your elderly family member can’t get specific about what doesn’t feel right, that still counts. Trust that your senior knows what doesn’t feel right, even after a visit to the hospital. There’s nothing wrong with getting an early checkup just to put both your and your senior’s mind at ease if it turns out that all is well.


Call Her Doctor if You Have Questions

Make sure that you call your senior’s doctor right away if you do have any questions or concerns about how she’s doing. Even with detailed discharge instructions, there might be a situation or symptom that you’re not sure about. Never feel bad about contacting her doctor or her surgeon to ask about something that is confusing or that seems to be different than you expect.

It might make both you and your senior feel a little better about her recovery if she has someone else there with her. Elder care providers can help to ensure that your elderly family member is eating and that she’s comfortable. If they notice anything concerning, they can contact your senior’s doctor for help, too.


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