Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Senior

Senior Home Care in Sun Lakes

Senior Home Care in Sun Lakes

It seems as soon as Halloween is over, the Christmas countdown begins. As the caregiver for an aging loved one, you have a lot on your plate during the holidays. So you might have started shopping for all those you want to spread a little joy to this holiday season.

One fun way to share a little Christmas joy is by filling up a Christmas stocking with little gifts to light up a person’s face. They can be sweet treats, little trinkets, or homemade gifts from grandkids. Whatever you choose, your loved one is sure to be grateful. But maybe you need some ideas for someone who seems to have everything they need.

One good suggestion is to simply ask your loved one what they need. You can also ask other caregivers or even their senior home care provider for ideas. If they all shrug their shoulders, here are a few that are sure to please.

Non-slip socks or slippers

On chilly days, your loved one will love having warm feet. Add in the non-slip bottoms, and they could also help prevent a fall or slip on the linoleum or wood floors. You might even want to buy two pairs – an indoor pair and an outdoor pair. That way, if your elder care provider isn’t available to bring in the mail, your loved one can slip on his non-slip slippers and grab the mail while staying safe.

A backscratcher

What’s worse than having an itch in the middle of the back? Not being able to reach it. Seniors are often less flexible and cannot always reach those itches that need scratching. If no one else is around, they may end up searching for items to scratch their backs that aren’t safe or sanitary. While asking someone like a senior home care provider is always an option, there’s plenty of time your loved one will be alone and may need an itch scratched. A backscratcher is a perfect solution.

A magnifying glass with a light

No matter how good his glasses are, it seems there is always print too small to read. A small magnifying lens with a light will make a perfect little gift in the stocking. It’s one of those items that a person never thinks about asking for, but once they have it, they don’t know how they got by without it.

Small bottles of lotion

Dry skin is common in winter, especially in seniors. Fill his stocking with travel-size lotions, so he can keep a small container of lotion wherever he needs it – in his car, next to his lounge chair, or in the kitchen. Keeping the skin moist and well-hydrated can prevent cracks and sores that may get infected.

Lip balm

Lips are another area that gets dry in the winter. Also, lip balms have a way of going missing, so give your parent some extras to keep around the house for when he needs them.

Stockings are such a fun way to celebrate the holidays. Your loved one will appreciate the thought put into every little gift inside his stocking.

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