Let’s Get Started with Healthy Aging 

Healthy aging is something that is on just about everyone’s mind. You can bet that your elderly loved one has been thinking about it far longer than you have. It may not seem like they are doing much to meet their health goals, but sometimes, it can be tough to do it on their own. If you or your home care assistance provider would like to help your elderly loved one, read this “getting started” guide to healthy aging today.


Home Care Assistance in Apache Junction AZ: Healthy Aging

Home Care Assistance in Apache Junction AZ: Healthy Aging


Physical Health and Aging

One aspect of health that many senior citizens are worried about is the physical side. There are so many health issues that are common in the elderly. It can be worrisome to think about all that could go wrong. However, it is even better if your elderly loved one can focus on the things that could go right by employing healthy aging strategies instead. Some of the many different things they can and should do include:

  • Scheduling regular doctor’s check-ups
  • Doing an annual physical
  • Getting an eye exam every year or so
  • Getting their vaccinations
  • Having a hearing test done every year or so
  • Getting a colorectal cancer exam
  • Doing a bone density scan
  • Getting their feet looked at every few weeks
  • Dental cleanings should be done annually or every 6 months
  • Exercise should be regular and consistent
  • Do active hobbies such as gardening

As you can tell, there are so many different ways that your elderly loved one can improve their physical health. They can start by picking out just one of these many different tips. If they need a ride to the doctor’s appointments or other appointments, you or a home care assistance provider can take them.


Mental Health Improvements

Is your elderly loved one struggling to maintain good mental health? If so, there are also many different ways that they can improve this part of their health, too. Some of the best things they can do to have the best mental health possible include:

  • Acting and thinking positively
  • Taking part in regular brain stimulation activities such as sudoku
  • Seeing a doctor for any cognitive or mental health changes

If your elderly loved one is just feeling a bit down, maybe you or a home care assistance provider can spend time with them more often.

Improving Social Health

Your elderly loved one’s social health is important, as well. There are far too many senior citizens who aren’t getting out there enough socially. They don’t have many friends and/or family members whom they spend time with often. If your elderly loved one needs to improve their social health, some of the ways they can do this include;

  • Having virtual get-togethers
  • Going out to eat with you, other family members, friends, or home care providers
  • Schedule social outings such as to the park or a local coffee shop.

If your elderly loved one starts to do these things, it can significantly help improve their social health.


These are some of the best ways your elderly loved ones can improve their health as they age. It would be helpful if you encouraged them to keep up with all aspects of their health and not just one part of it. Home care assistance providers can do this, as well.


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