The coronavirus, also known as covid-19, is a virus that is especially dangerous for older adults. So, what can you do if you’re a long-distance caregiver and you’re worried about your senior’s health? Hiring elder care providers may be the best plan of action because of all the various ways that they can assist your senior during this health crisis.


Home Care Services in Chandler AZ: Elder Care During A Pandemic

Home Care Services in Chandler AZ: Elder Care During A Pandemic


Checking in on Your Senior

One of the most important things you might need someone to do is simply to check in on your senior for you and offer a friendly face. It’s so difficult during normal times to know for certain that your elderly family member is doing well. During a health crisis like coronavirus, that need to know that your senior is alright is even more pressing.


Making Sure She’s Got What She Needs

There are so many different things your elderly family member might need right now. She may be low on her regular medications or she may need help getting groceries delivered to her home. It’s important for her to be at home as much as possible so that she avoids people who might be carriers of the virus. That means that having someone who can bring her what she needs is absolutely crucial right now.


Keeping an Eye on Her Health

Your aging family member may not realize when she’s starting to show signs of being ill, especially if she has underlying health issues that often leave her feeling unwell. Having an elder care provider visiting your senior regularly gives you someone else who can spot changes in her behaviors that can sometimes indicate changes in her health.


Helping Her Get to the Doctor, if Necessary

If your elderly family member does happen to become sick, she may need extra help getting to her doctor. Knowing that there’s someone else there who can handle managing transportation concerns for your elderly family member can give you an immense amount of peace of mind. This is especially helpful if driving is dangerous for your senior to do on her own.


Elder care providers can handle these tasks and so much more for your senior when you can’t be there with her to help in the ways that you want to. Being a long-distance caregiver is difficult enough, but it’s so much more difficult when there’s a serious health crisis occurring and you can’t be with your elderly family member.


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