Hospital visits, whether they were planned or spontaneous, can take a lot out of your senior. It’s vital that you know what to do after she goes home to help her to continue to heal and to recover. As with most things you encounter as a caregiver, information is the most important thing for you to have.


Home Health Care in Gold Canyon AZ: Avoid Trouble After Hospitalization

Home Health Care in Gold Canyon AZ: Avoid Trouble After Hospitalization


Read Discharge Paperwork Thoroughly and Ask Questions

The biggest mistake you can make is to skim or even ignore your senior’s discharge paperwork. There is a lot of information in there about what to look for and how to take care of her in the best ways possible at home. If there’s anything in the discharge paperwork that doesn’t make sense or that is confusing, make sure you ask her doctor or her nurses. They can help you to make sure you have all of the information that you need in order to care for your elderly family member.


Determine if She Needs Any Dietary Changes

Your senior’s diet can be a huge help in keeping her healthy and helping her to heal. It’s so important that her discharge paperwork might include recommendations about what she should be eating and how often. There may also be supplements that your senior should take while she recovers that can give her extra nutrition to help her in healing.


Her Doctor Might Have Some Extra Advice

Before she leaves the hospital, make sure that you have a conversation with her doctor. There may be additional information or questions you’ve thought about since your first reading through the discharge paperwork. Her doctor may recommend calling for an appointment if she starts to experience certain symptoms or if her condition seems to worsen.


Know When it’s an Emergency

Emergencies are a totally different situation. If your elderly family member develops a fever or starts bleeding, those are signs that you need to contact emergency services. Extreme pain that comes on suddenly and doesn’t go away can also be a sign of big problems. It can’t hurt to ask her doctor what qualifies for an emergency in her particular situation.


It might be a good idea to hire home care providers to help while your senior recovers. They can help with household tasks and even with small medical tasks, like helping to change bandages. This can help you to feel more secure and less as if you might miss a sign that’s important.


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