Keeping your elderly family member safe at home starts with looking at how well she’s able to remain mobile. If her ability to safely navigate her home is hampered, that’s going to be a huge problem in many ways.


Home Health Care in Sun Lakes AZ: Home Safety

Home Health Care in Sun Lakes AZ: Home Safety


She Needs to See Well

One of the first things your senior needs for safe mobility is to be able to see what’s going on around her. That involves ensuring that her lights work well and that your elderly family member is using glasses if she needs them. If your senior isn’t able to see well and doesn’t already have corrective eyewear, make sure that you make an appointment with her eye doctor to assess what’s going on.


She Needs Empty Space in Rooms

Rooms themselves need to have plenty of open space in which your senior can freely move. If she isn’t able to move in a room without bumping into something, that’s a problem. You may need to rearrange the furniture a bit or remove clutter entirely. This can be difficult for some seniors, especially if this is the first time that your elderly family member is having to face this kind of decision.


She Needs Empty Space in Other Spots, Too

But it is not just rooms that need to have open space. If hallways, doorways, and foyers are cluttered or difficult for her to navigate, that poses problems for your senior as well. You may need to get creative about how you can help your elderly family member to get through those areas as safe as possible. The biggest thing to do is to look for hazards and to remove clutter.


She Needs to Use Assistive Devices

If your elderly family member uses assistive devices, like a walker or a cane, she may need even more help with safe navigating in her home. Remove anything that could catch on the tips of the walker or cane. That might mean that worn carpeting needs to come up. If there are throw rugs in place now, those may need to be removed, too. Look for other assistive devices that make life easier, like motion-sensing lights that respond to your senior’s movements.


There are other concerns, too, especially if your elderly family member’s mobility is severely compromised or hindered. It might be a good idea for senior care providers to be with her regularly and ensure that she’s getting around alright.


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