Are you hoping to help your elderly loved one be as healthy as they can be? If so, there are many things you need to think about. One of the main things you need to think about is arthritis. There are so many senior citizens that suffer from arthritis. If you want to help your elderly loved one prevent arthritis, there are ways you can do that.


Homecare in Tempe AZ: Arthritis Prevention

Homecare in Tempe AZ: Arthritis Prevention


Healthy Weight
One of the best ways you can help your elderly loved one to prevent arthritis is to get them to a healthy weight. You or their caregivers can go grocery shopping with them or for them and make sure they are buying nutritious foods. You can help them to exercise if they need to lose excess weight. By keeping them at a healthy weight, they don’t have as much pressure on their joints.


Avoiding Injuries
Another way to prevent arthritis in the elderly is to help them avoid any injuries to their cartilage, ligaments, and joints. This damage can happen from one-time or repeat falls. You can take the necessary steps to help them prevent falls. Make sure all floors are level and there aren’t any rugs that can get pulled up. Make sure your loved one wears slip-proof socks or slippers, as well.


Take It Easy on Repetition
There are repetitive movements that can tear the cartilage or wear the cartilage down. These are things like excessive bending, jumping, lifting, kneeling, etc. Your elderly loved one should be moving around, just make sure they aren’t doing too many repetitive exercises.


Boosting The Immune System
Another way to prevent arthritis is by boosting the immune system. This isn’t something that many senior citizens think to do on their own, so you or their caregivers may have to help enforce this tip. A better and healthier immune system prevents many diseases including arthritis. In addition, if someone already has arthritis, a boosted immune system can help to prevent many of the symptoms of arthritis.


No Smoking
Does your elderly loved-one smoke? If so, they need to quit if they want to reduce their chances of getting arthritis. Research shows that smoking can increase the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. This is mostly because smoking reduces the immune system functioning and stops a person from being as active as they could be.


These are some of the tips for preventing arthritis in the elderly. If your elderly loved one can’t do these things on their own or won’t stick to these tips on their own, be sure you or their caregivers help to encourage them. Arthritis can be painful and preventing it is one of the best ways to prevent chronic pain in your elderly loved one.


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