In-Home Care: Why Is Fall Prevention So Crucial?

In-Home Care: One of the aspects of caring for your senior that you might not realize is vital is fall prevention.

Often families forget about fall prevention plans until their senior either does fall or almost falls. It’s much better to try to prevent a fall well before something happens than it is to wait. In-Home Care providers can be a great help with this.


Personal Care at Home in Apache Junction AZ: Senior Care Plans

Personal Care at Home in Apache Junction AZ: Senior Care Plans

Falls Are One of the Main Causes of Major Injury for Seniors

Experiencing a fall can cause serious injury for your senior, ranging from bruises and cuts all the way up to fractures. These injuries often have lasting effects and can cause your senior to be more likely to fall again. But the physical effects aren’t the only issue. There are also the emotional and psychological impacts of falling, which can be equally devastating for your senior.

Falls Are Truly Preventable

Understanding what your senior’s fall risks are is the first step in preventing falls. Talk to your senior’s doctor about what can increase her risk of falling. It also helps to do an assessment of your aging adult’s living situation. In-home care providers can help with this and they can help her to maintain a clean and tidy home, as well.

Fall Prevention Builds Overall Wellness

When you and you’re senior prioritize preventing falls, that contributes to her overall health and wellness. Fall prevention improves your senior’s quality of life and ensures that it’s easier for her to manage her health in other ways. That’s a crucial part of helping her to be as happy and as healthy as she can possibly be.

Reducing Fall Risk Can Keep Your Senior at Home

If your elderly family member’s main goal at this stage of her life is staying in her own home, that’s a lot easier to do when she is safe there. That means assessing and reducing her fall risk. Having help from in-home care providers can also make it easier for your elderly family member to remain at home. In-home care providers can assist with everything from mobility to daily tasks.

Make fall prevention a key part of any plans that you put together for your senior. And remember also that fall prevention plans need to adapt and grow as your senior’s health and situation change. Periodically reviewing her fall prevention plan helps you to assess what’s still working for her and what needs to be adjusted in order to meet her needs more effectively.



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