Personal Care at Home: Start the Year Fresh With an Honest Conversation About Care Plans

Personal Care at Home: As 2021 comes to an end, it’s time to address one of the harder topics families need to discuss.

Are your parents doing okay? Are they able to live independently at home without assistance? It’s time to ask these questions and decide if your parents require a helping hand such as personal care at home.


Personal Care at Home in Apache Junction AZ: Senior Care Plans

Personal Care at Home in Apache Junction AZ: Senior Care Plans

What Do Your Parents Want as They Age?

Have you ever asked what your parents want? Do they like the idea of downsizing to a retirement community where there are others their age and plenty of social activities? Do they prefer staying in their current home and having extra help when it’s necessary?

You should ask them if they want to stay where they are. Your mom and dad may dream of moving south to a warmer climate where winters aren’t cold and dark. It could be that they’d prefer to move closer to their grandchildren. It’s important to go over their goals and decide how to realize their dream retirement.

What Have You and Your Siblings Witnessed?

You were with your dad while he drove to the store. His reaction times are slower, and he almost hit a car at a light. If you’re not sure he should be operating a vehicle, you need to talk to him about it. He may resist being told he’s an unsafe driver, but it’s better to address it before something happens.

It could be that your brother saw your mom trying to cook dinner, but she became distracted and ended up setting off alarms due to the smoke. If your brother wasn’t there, you worry that a fire may have started. It could be time for your mom to have help preparing meals.


Personal Care at Home:  Would Your Parents Feel Safer With Personal Care at Home Services?

Your parents may be independent, but that doesn’t mean they feel confident. If their confidence is lacking, it could benefit them to have personal care aides during part of the day.

Suppose your mom fell while getting out of the shower. She knows she can shower independently, but she’d feel better knowing there is someone in the house when she is showering. Your dad’s blood pressure dipped, and he passed out. He doesn’t want to be alone if that happens again.

You’ve talked to your parents and discussed their need for personal care at home. How do you get started? Create a list of the things they need help completing each day. Once you have that list in hand, call a home care specialist to learn more about booking personal care at home services.



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