Reasons to Consider 24-Hour Home Care

Family Caregivers: 24-Hour Home Care Mesa AZ

Family Caregivers: 24-Hour Home Care Mesa AZ

If you’ve been helping your aging loved one with her home and other aspects of her life, you might get to a point where it seems overwhelming. Your loved one might need more than just daily help with the laundry or prepare a meal. Her doctor may be the first to call your attention to it because of mobility issues. Or because she can no longer safely get to and from the bathroom or prepare a meal on her own. It could also be that she’s struggling with memory issues that cause confusion. Whatever the reason, if you are at the point where you need to look at the next level of care, one option might be having a team of providers that provide 24-hour home care.

24-Hour Home Care is Different From Live-In Care

24-hour home care providers usually work 8 or 12-hour shifts in your loved one’s home. There could be several reasons that this might be an option that appeals to you and your loved one.

Your loved one’s home doesn’t have room for another person to live there. If you have a live-in care provider, your loved one will need to have a bedroom for them. This can often seem too intrusive for an elderly person. If the home or apartment is small, there simply may not be enough room.

Constant Awareness

If your loved one is struggling with wandering or needs to use the bathroom often at night but cannot get there by herself, a 24-hour home care provider can be a great option. Since they work in shifts, the provider will not be needing to sleep during their shift, letting them be there fully whenever your loved one needs some assistance. They can also monitor your loved one at all times to make sure she is staying safe.

Aging in Place

If your loved one needs round-the-clock care but doesn’t want to leave her home, having a team of 24-hour home care providers is beneficial. She can continue living where she loves, in comfort, with the needed help to let her still have some independence.


Having a familiar team of providers come to the home regularly will help your loved one build some new friendships and have companionship during the day and evening hours. For many, those alone evening hours are the most lonely, so having a 24-hour home care provider can help your loved one feel less lonely.

If there’s an emergency, there’s always someone there. If the unfortunate happens and your loved one falls or has a medical emergency, you have peace of mind knowing someone is always right there with her getting her the help she needs quickly.

Whatever choice you make to increase your loved one’s care, it’ll be an adjustment. Give everyone the time and grace they need to get used to the new normal.

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