Senior Care: Your parents plan to age at home. That’s not surprising.

Around 90 percent of Americans age 65 or older want to remain in their home. It’s also possible providing you ensure their environment suits their changing health and abilities and consider senior care options. These are the five best ways to ensure they can age at home.


Home Care in Sun Lakes AZ: Ability to Age

Home Care in Sun Lakes AZ: Ability to Age

Keep Track of Their Medical Conditions

Keep track of any health conditions your mom and dad have. Likely, they have at least one. Their doctor may have them taking prescription medications. If your parents often forget a dose or forget to order refills, it can impact their health.

When there are health issues, your parents need to make sure they follow their doctor’s orders. In addition to medications, they may need to see their doctor more often, exercise more, or follow a specific diet.


Satisfy Their Need to Socialize

Socialization is important for your parent’s mental and physical health. If they don’t drive or don’t have friends close by, they may be feeling lonely or isolated. Arrange social activities to ensure they have opportunities to talk to others in the family or community.

They can volunteer, attend events at a local senior center, or take fitness classes. Beginner Yoga and Tai Chi are two excellent fitness programs for older adults.


Make Sure Their Home is Safe

As arthritis makes it harder to stand up, walk up and down the stairs, or climb up ladders, your parents need to be aware of their limitations. Certain medications also increase the risk of dizziness. These can cause dangerous falls.

To lower the fall risk for both your mom and dad, grab bars are essential. Put them around the toilet and inside and outside the shower or bathtub. Floors need to be level and free of trip hazards like loose seams, broken tiles, or slippery throw rugs.


Check Their Driving Habits

Should your parents still drive? If they like to go on leisurely drives, run errands, or visit friends, they have to get there in a safe manner. While many older adults are perfectly safe drivers, some experience vision loss or take medications with side effects that make driving a risky venture.

Ask your mom and dad’s doctors if they should be driving. If not, make arrangements to have someone available to drive them around.


Hire Elderly Care Services

Discover the many ways elderly care aides help your parents remain independent. Home care services don’t take away your parents’ independence. It’s a helping hand to help them thrive as they age at home. Call a senior care specialist to learn more.


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