4 Ways Seniors Can Cook Healthy Meals At Home

Senior Home Care: March is National Nutrition Month and it’s a great time to find new ways to get your senior loved one to eat better.

Some estimates are that nearly 50% of all seniors are malnourished. Seniors not eating enough or not eating enough of the foods that contain healthy nutrients is a huge problem. If your senior loved one doesn’t like to cook meals or would prefer to eat easy to heat up food instead of eating fresh vegetables and other healthy foods you may need to make cooking healthy meals more fun. Some great ways for a senior home care provider to get seniors to cook healthy meals at home include:


Senior Home Care in Sun Lakes AZ: National Nutrition Month

Senior Home Care in Sun Lakes AZ: National Nutrition Month


Invest In Appliances 

Modern kitchen gadgets and appliances can make cooking easy and fun even for seniors who have challenges like poor grip strength or arthritis. Consider getting your senior loved one some gadgets like a slow cooker, an instant pot, or an air fryer. Typically kitchen gadgets have an automatic shutoff so you won’t have to worry about your senior loved one leaving them on. But you can also use smart plugs for appliances to give you the ability to turn the appliances off with an app on your phone.

Senior Care At Home 

Senior care providers can help with household chores like vacuuming or laundry. But they also help seniors prepare meals, cook healthy meals, and make sure that they are eating regularly. Sometimes just having a senior care provider to eat meals with is enough to get your senior loved one more interested in eating regular meals. There are many benefits to senior care at home but one of them is better nutrition for your senior loved one.

Create A Supper Club For Seniors In The Neighborhood

If your senior loved one lives in a neighborhood where there are other seniors you can organize a supper club for seniors. Once or twice a week the seniors can gather at the homes of the seniors in the neighborhood and share a pot luck meal. This gives seniors some valuable social interaction and helps build connections within the neighborhood while also giving seniors access to foods they might not otherwise eat. A senior supper club is also a fun way for seniors to share their beloved family recipes with others by making special dishes for each club night.

Grocery Delivery

Grocery delivery can be life-changing for seniors. Depending on the delivery services that are available where your senior loved one lives, they might pay slightly higher prices for delivery but the extra cost is minimal. And grocery delivery really is worth the cost. Seniors can use grocery delivery to have fresh vegetables and fruits delivered along with things like heavy gallons of milk or heavy bottles of water. Seniors won’t need to struggle to lift heavy bags or walk all over a giant grocery store. Instead, they can select what they want from an app on a phone or tablet and it will be delivered the same day. It’s a fantastic way for seniors to get fresh vegetables and fruits easily.


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