Six Ways Home Care Changes Your Dad’s Life

Home Care in Tempe

Home Care in Tempe

Have you looked into the benefits of home care when your dad lives alone? You don’t live near enough to help him every day, but that doesn’t mean he has to wait. With daily visits from professional caregivers, your dad’s life is changed in these six ways.

Cleaning Chores and Laundry Are Done Each Week

Each week, a caregiver can stop by to do your dad’s light housekeeping chores. He has someone else available to change his bedding, make his bed with fresh sheets, and wash his dirty sheets and pillowcases. His caregiver will also hang fresh towels and launder the older ones.

His caregiver can vacuum, sweep, and dust. If he has houseplants, his caregiver will water them.

Your dad’s caregiver can wash the dishes, load the dishwasher if he has one, and put everything away when they’re clean and dry. He never risks falling down the stairs trying to do his laundry and cleaning tasks on other levels of his home.

He’s No Longer Alone All Week

One of your dad’s biggest complaints is that he’s tired of waiting until someone visits him on the weekend. Caregivers can stop by and provide the companionship he longs for. He has someone else to join him for a game of Scrabble, to help him on walks around the neighborhood, or to take him to the area senior center for social activities.

He Has Home-Cooked Meals

Your dad’s caregiver can cook dinner for him. He can share what he feels like having during the week. They can shop for ingredients he doesn’t have in stock. Then, his caregiver will carry everything in for him. He eats well and stops relying on canned or frozen meals.

His Caregiver Encourages Exercise

Your dad’s caregiver can encourage your dad to go for walks. He won’t be fearful while walking alone. His caregiver is right there by his side. If he has exercises recommended by his doctor or physical therapist, his caregiver can encourage him to do them.

Someone Else Does the Driving

Your dad’s caregiver is there for his transportation needs. His aide can take him shopping, bring him to appointments, and help him run errands. His caregiver can also accompany him on his appointment days and help him schedule follow-up appointments.

There’s No Risk of Him Falling and Going Unnoticed

You’ve probably heard stories of older adults falling down and waiting hours or even days before someone notices they haven’t been active. With regular visits from home care aides, you eliminate this problem.

Pair home care services with a medic alert system with fall detection. You’ll finally have peace of mind knowing your dad is okay, and if something does happen, he can let his caregiver know or press his bracelet’s button.

Now that you know more about the things home care aides help your dad with each day, make a call. Go over prices, schedules, and services with an expert in home care.

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