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We understand that life can throw you unexpected curves, especially when it comes to caring for a loved one. You may be facing a transition from working outside the home to becoming a family caregiver, forcing you to make changes at work and personal sacrifices at home to accommodate caregiver responsibilities.  We want to support you by offering training, resources and tools to help you navigate through the heathcare system and become a strong advocate for your loved one.

East Valley Committee on Aging (EVCOA)

The purpose of the East Valley Committee on Aging is to explore the issues and needs of our aging population, provide education and advocate on behalf of this segment of the community.

Arizona Non-Medical Home Care Association (AZNHA)

The Arizona Non-Medical Home Care Association represents a coalition of businesses in and affiliated with the non-medical home care industry that are dedicated to consumer protection and advocacy. Legacy Home Care is a proud member of AZNHA

Alliance Care Team (ACT)

A team of professionals with a mission to provide community resource & education, and offer a wide variety of products and services that meet the care needs of individuals and their families. Legacy Home Care is a proud member of the Alliance Care Team

Aging Life Care Association (ALCA)

ALCA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advanceprofessional geriatric care management through education, collaboration, and leadership. Legacy Home Care is a proud member of ALCA

Tools and Education for Patients and Caregivers

Self Care

Family Caregiviers

Transitional Care

Caregivers Training

Health and Wellness


Alzheimer's Caregiving Tips

Mini Health Booklets

ALLE Learning

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