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5 Tips To Help Your Senior Parent Recover After A Stroke

24-hour home care is helpful for seniors recovering from a stroke.
24-hour home care is helpful for seniors recovering from a stroke.

If your senior mom or dad is recovering from a stroke, there is a higher-than-average chance that they will have another one. During their recovery period, it’s important that they are not left alone in case they have another stroke and need immediate medical attention.

That’s why it’s often recommended that seniors who are recovering from a stroke at home have 24-hour home care. With 24-hour home care, your mom or dad will never be alone. Someone will always be with them, awake and alert. If your mom or dad does have another stroke or any kind of medical emergency, the care provider can get them medical help right away.

In addition to around-the-clock care, these things can also help your mom or dad recover at home after they have had a stroke:


Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation therapy, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy, plays a vital role in stroke recovery. These therapies help seniors regain strength, mobility, and independence by targeting specific areas affected by the stroke. In-home therapy sessions can be arranged to accommodate seniors who may have difficulty traveling to a rehabilitation facility.


Medication Management

After a stroke, seniors need to take their medications on time and exactly as prescribed to help their recovery. If your senior parent has any side effects from those medications, those side effects need to be reported to the doctor immediately.

24-hour home care is a fantastic way for seniors who are recovering at home to get routine follow-up medical care at home so that they don’t have to go to a doctor’s office.


Home Modifications and Safety Measures

Making modifications to the home environment can enhance safety and accessibility for seniors recovering from a stroke. This may include installing grab bars in bathrooms, ramps or stairlifts for accessibility, non-slip mats, and removing tripping hazards.

A 24-hour home care provider can go through the house with you to point out areas where safety modifications should be made to make sure that your senior parent will be safe in the home.


Personal Care

Your senior parent is probably going to have some trouble keeping up with their hygiene tasks, getting in and out of bed, getting dressed, and getting to the bathroom. Specialized caregivers with personal care training are available to help your senior parent with things like bathing, washing their hair, brushing their teeth, and getting dressed.

Until your senior parent has recovered enough to do those things on their own, they will likely need help from 24-hour home care professionals.


Regular Check Ins

If you live far away or have work or a family and can’t visit your mom or dad every day, a daily check-in phone call from 24-hour home care is a great way to let them know you love them. Knowing they have your support can motivate your mom or dad to keep working on their recovery. Even a quick five-minute call every day is enough to keep your mom or dad going.



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