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The Benefits Of In-Home Care For Seniors Over 70

Having in-home care is a safe and healthy way for seniors to age in place.
Having in-home care is a safe and healthy way for seniors to age in place.

If you have a senior parent in their 70s who loves living at home but you’re worried about their ability to take care of themselves, in-home care is the solution you need. In-home care can help your mom or dad do things they can no longer easily do for themselves.

Having in-home care lowers the risk of your senior parent having a fall at home that could put them in the hospital. It also makes it easier for your mom or dad to do things like get groceries, get medications, and keep up the house.

In-home care can be adjusted to the needs of your senior parent. They can still do tasks that they are able to do or like to do. But they will have someone in the house with them to do the tasks that are too tough for them.

For example, if your senior mom still likes to fold the laundry, a care provider can carry the laundry downstairs, run it through the washer and dryer, and bring the basket to the main floor for your mom to fold. Then, they can take the basket upstairs and put the clothes away.

Some of the other benefits of in-home care for seniors are:


Personalized Care

In-home care offers seniors personalized care just for them. Care plans are developed based on an assessment of the senior’s health status, functional abilities, and care goals. Caregivers work closely with seniors and their families to create a customized care plan that addresses specific needs, whether it’s assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), medication reminders, companionship, or specialized care for chronic conditions.



In-home caregivers allow seniors to remain in their homes’ familiar and comfortable environments. Your mom or dad gets to keep their sense of independence, autonomy, and dignity. Seniors have greater control over their daily routines, preferences, and lifestyle choices, which can positively impact their overall well-being and quality of life.

With the support of in-home care professionals, seniors can continue to engage in meaningful activities, maintain social connections, and participate in community life while receiving the assistance they need to remain safe and healthy.


Safety and Security

In-home care helps seniors maintain a safe and secure living environment by addressing potential hazards and risks within the home. Caregivers can address safety concerns by removing fall hazards, eliminating clutter, replacing poor lighting, and making recommendations for modifications or improvements to enhance safety and accessibility.

Additionally, caregivers provide supervision and assistance with tasks that may pose safety risks for seniors, such as bathing, cooking, or managing medications, reducing the likelihood of accidents or injuries.


Better Quality of Life

In-home care services improve the quality of life for your senior parent by promoting physical, emotional, and social well-being. Caregivers provide companionship and emotional support as well as help with household tasks. By addressing seniors’ practical and emotional needs, in-home care helps them maintain a higher quality of life and a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment.



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