The Benefits of Elder Care After Your Dad Loses His Vision

Vision loss in aging adults isn’t uncommon. Common eye diseases like cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration are reasons vision loss occurs. It may be permanent or correctable with surgery. Your dad’s lost his vision and cannot manage in his home. Before you pack up his items and sell his home, look into the benefits of elder care for vision loss.


Elder Care in Fairhope AZ: Blindness

Elder Care in Fairhope AZ: Blindness


Help Scheduling and Keeping Appointments

Your dad may need someone to make calls for him as he can’t see the keypad clearly. His caregiver can help him do this if he’s not set up with voice-activated equipment like Siri that allows him to tell the phone to call specific people for him.

On appointment days, his caregiver can drive him to the office, help him check-in, and wait for him until he’s done. If he needs help in the exam room, his caregiver can help him get settled or stay with him to ease his anxiety.


Assistance With Bathing and Grooming

Your dad will still be able to do most of his hygiene and grooming tasks, but he needs some help getting in and out of the shower without falling. A caregiver supports him as he steps over the side of a bathtub.

He also has an aide to help him apply moisturizer, shave his face, trim nails, and comb his hair. If he needs help choosing an outfit and getting dressed, that’s also part of in-home care services.


Help With Housekeeping

Your dad may not be able to see clearly, but it doesn’t mean his housework needs to be half done. Hire caregivers to clean his home for him. His caregivers show up on scheduled days and do tasks like changing his sheets and towels, laundering them, and putting them away.

Caregivers will vacuum carpets, dry mop or sweep wood and vinyl plank flooring, and make sure clutter is out of your dad’s way. They’ll also wipe down surfaces like faucet handles, sinks, and counters.


Assistance With Errands

While your dad can’t drive, he doesn’t have to stop going out. Hire caregivers to accompany him on shopping trips and while running errands. His caregivers will drive him to stores and area businesses and help him find items and complete purchases.

On days he doesn’t want to go out, his caregivers can stop and pick up prescription refills and online orders before heading to his house. He’ll have what he needs without having to risk his safety trying to walk or drive himself.


Help With Meals

Finally, your dad’s caregivers work with him to plan weekly menus, shop for groceries that he doesn’t have in stock, and cook meals for him. His caregivers can also feed him, if needed, and clean up the kitchen after.

Learn more about the benefits of in-home care by talking to a representative. The home care expert is happy to go over services and prices for the things your dad needs. Call or email our in-home care agency to get started.


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