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What Is Senior Home Care?

Senior home care makes aging in place easier and safer.
Senior home care makes aging in place easier and safer.

Senior home care is an option that makes it possible for seniors to stay in their own homes as they get older. Most seniors need a little extra help and support with daily tasks as they age. And if you are not able to be there for your senior parent around the clock, senior home care can be.

Senior home care is available to help your senior parent with daily visits or 24-hour care if that’s what they need. The adult children of senior parents rely on senior home care when their other responsibilities, like work, kids, or school, make it impossible for them to be there to help their parents.


What Senior Home Care Does

The tasks that a care provider does for your senior parent will depend largely on what your senior parent’s health is like and how much support they need. As their needs change, care providers can offer more support. But in general, senior home care includes:


Light Housekeeping

As they get older, seniors often have trouble keeping the house clean on a day-to-day basis. Care providers can do light housekeeping to ensure that your senior parent is living in a clean, organized, and clutter-free space.

Dusting, washing dishes, picking up clutter, organizing things like magazines, mail, and books, and making sure cords and other hazards are out of the way will make the home safe and pleasant for your senior parent.


Meal Planning And Preparation

A shocking percentage of seniors are malnourished. Usually, seniors don’t eat enough because preparing and cooking meals is too difficult. Or, they just don’t like eating alone, so they don’t bother cooking.

But a care provider can make meal planning and preparation fun. They can also ensure that your senior parent has plenty of easy-to-heat and eat meals and snacks so they don’t have to cook for themselves if they are hungry.


Shopping And Errands

As you probably already know maintaining a household requires a lot of stuff. If your senior parent can’t easily shop for that stuff, or run other required errands, senior home care can help. A care provider can accompany your senior parent if they need to go out to a medical appointment.

A care provider can take care of household errands like shopping for food, cleaning supplies, and other items. They can also pick up medications and over-the-counter medicines that your senior parent needs.


Vacuuming And Mopping

Vacuuming regularly is important to maintain good air quality in the home, especially for seniors with respiratory illnesses. However, vacuuming and mopping are physically difficult chores for many seniors. They could get dizzy, tire themselves out, or even fall and get hurt trying to vacuum and mop. A care provider can do those tasks for them.



Laundry is another physically demanding chore that can be tough for seniors to do. With senior home care, your senior parent will always have clean clothes, fresh towels, and clean linens for their bed.



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