This may seem like a silly question, but a sense of humor and laughing have definite benefits for our minds and our bodies. Some of these benefits are:  The right and left hemispheres of our brain work together when we laugh. When we exercise our brain called “neurobics” it helps our memory, helps us learn quicker and retain information better. It is a cardiovascular workout and reduces our blood pressure and pulse rate. It helps our circulation. It works our respiratory system. Our thymus gland (located in the center of our chest) secretes hormones that help boost our immune system. When we laugh, this gland is stimulated.  It can aid in our digestion.  It can help ease aches and pains.  It relaxes us.  It makes us feel happy. Endorphines  (good hormones) are released when we laugh. The (bad hormones) like cortisol that are released when we feel stressed are reduced when we laugh. It changes our perspective. There is a statistic that tells us that children laugh around 300 times a day, while adults laugh around 17. Somewhere along our journey in life we tend to forget to laugh and to just be silly. I like the quote “Humor is like a shock absorber. It cushions the blows of life”. We all have blows in life don’t we? Another quote is by Milton Berle, who said, “Laughter is an Instant Vacation”.  We can do things that will encourage us to laugh. Such as… Watching videos of babies laughing, watching videos of babies and animals at play and just enjoying life, watching our favorite funny sitcoms, or reading funny stories or jokes. Here’s to laughing. It’s good for you!!



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