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How Does a 24-Hour Home Care Plan Work?

If your senior loved one is needing round the clock care, here's a deep dive on how the process of 24-hour home care works.
24-Hour Home Care Chandler AZ
24-Hour Home Care Chandler AZ

When your dad needs around-the-clock care, the perfect solution is 24-hour home care. He’ll have caregivers with him all day and all night. But how exactly does this service work?

Caregivers Work in Shifts

Instead of having one caregiver with your dad all day and going home at night, he can have a team of caregivers helping out. They work in shifts to ensure someone is always with him.

For example, your dad might have three caregivers working eight-hour shifts. His first caregiver arrives at 9 a.m. and stays until 5 p.m. The next caregiver arrives at 5 p.m. and works until 1 a.m. The final caregiver works from 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. If your dad wakes up and needs anything, his caregiver is awake and ready to help.

If 24-hour home care sounds right for your dad, make the necessary arrangement. It’s not worth risking his health and safety while he’s alone all week until you can visit. Even with the best medical alert system, nothing replaces the benefit of having someone in the house and ready to help out.

What happens if a caregiver is sick and can’t work his or her shift? A replacement caregiver is dispatched to cover that shift. Your dad is never left alone. He always has a 24-hour home care aide with him.

What Can Caregivers Help With?

What can caregivers help your dad do? Like any home care aide, they’re around to help your dad maintain his independence. Caregivers can help him clean his home, cook meals, and go shopping. If he needs a ride, his caregiver can drive him.

Your dad’s caregiver will help him schedule appointments, get to the offices on time, and make changes and cancellations as needed. If he needs help with personal care, his caregiver can help him shower, dress, shave, style his hair, and brush and floss his teeth.


Once a week, he can have his bed sheets changed, laundered, and folded. His caregiver can wash his dirty clothes and towels, dry them, iron anything in need of ironing, and put things where they go.

If your dad doesn’t cook for himself, his caregiver can plan and prepare meals for him. When he eats, he’s not alone. After the meal, his caregiver will tidy up, wash dishes, and put clean dishes away.

Housekeeping chores are also things caregivers help with. They’ll vacuum carpets, sweep hard floors, dust, and tidy up. Caregivers can bring in the mail, organize it, get packages, and help your dad open them. Items and prescriptions that he’s ordered are verified that he got the right items. If not, his caregiver can help him arrange a return.

Learn more about 24-hour home care services by making a call. A specialist in home care will go over prizes and arrange the around-the-clock caregiver services that your dad requires to remain independent but not at risk.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring 24-Hour Home Care in Chandler, AZ, or anywhere in the East Valley, please contact the caring staff at Legacy Home Care.
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