Blood pressure issues can be a big deal in terms of your elderly family member’s overall health. One of the best ways to get a handle on what’s going on with those numbers is to monitor them regularly with a home blood pressure monitor.


Senior Care in Tempe AZ: Home Blood Pressure Monitor

Senior Care in Tempe AZ: Home Blood Pressure Monitor


Home Monitors Are Easy and Accurate

The big thing to know about home blood pressure monitors before you even go grab one is that they’re a lot more accurate than they used to be. They’re also really easy to use and it’s difficult to “get it wrong” if you’re using a home monitor. If cuff monitors have been uncomfortable for your senior, then it’s also important to know that wrist monitors are a lot more accurate now than they were in the past.


She Gets Nervous at the Doctor’s Office

There’s a bit of “white coat syndrome” that affects some people when they’re at the doctor. This can be especially true if your elderly family member has been dealing with blood pressure challenges and feels frustrated when things aren’t improving. By testing at home, your elderly family member is already in an atmosphere where she’s comfortable and at ease. She can get more accurate and consistent readings at home without having to stress out about them.


Regular Monitoring Shows Patterns

When your elderly family member is testing her blood pressure a couple of times a day or as often as her doctor recommends, she’s able to start seeing patterns in those readings. That’s valuable information that you, your senior, and her doctor can use to formulate a treatment plan going forward. If your senior is finding it difficult to remember to test, using an app that includes both a log and reminders can be really helpful.


Your Senior Can Easily See How Behaviors Impact Blood Pressure

As your senior sticks to her care plan and as she starts to see progress, that can be hugely motivating for her. Healthier eating habits and starting to exercise all may payoff, but they take time. As she has more readings to look at, your senior can start to see how those new behaviors and habits are continually helping her to improve those numbers on a regular basis.

If it’s difficult for your elderly family member to use a home blood pressure monitor on her own, it might be helpful to bring in a caregiver to help with that and other tasks that she needs a little more assistance managing.


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