Senior Health: Five Ways to Make Sure Your Dad Takes His Medications On Time

Senior Health: In the U.S., 89 percent of men and women over the age of 69 take at least one prescription medication.

Just over 50 percent are taking two or more prescription medications. How many prescription drugs is your dad taking? Is he keeping track of them and taking them on time? It is time to start thinking of good senior health.


Senior Care in Gilbert AZ: Senior Health

Senior Care in Gilbert AZ: Senior Health


Discuss the Affordability

Around 20 percent of the seniors interviewed by Kaiser Family Foundation admitted they don’t always take medications on time because they can’t afford to. Make sure your dad can afford the medicines his doctor prescribed. If he can’t, he’s not going to take them, which can put his health at risk.

If he’s struggling to pay for any of his medications, talk to his pharmacist and doctor to see if there are rebate programs that help make them more affordable. See if there are generic versions that will work for him and cost less.

Call Him

When it’s time for your dad to take his next dose, call him. Make sure he takes the pills when you’re on the phone with him. If he uses a video chat app, you can watch him take the pills to assure yourself he’s taken them.

Purchase Pill Organizers

Look into pill organizers that allow you to sort the pills he needs to take by the time of day. When it’s time for his next dose, some organizers have flashing lights and audible alarms that are hard to ignore. He’ll know it’s time to take them, and he has to open the compartment and get the pills out to stop the alarm.

Set Alarms on Computers and Phones

If your dad has a computer or smartphone, set alarms that go off on those devices. The message should tell him what pill he needs to take and how he needs to take it. If he has to take a medication with a glass of milk to prevent stomach upset, he wants to make sure he follows the directions.

Senior Health: Look Into Medication Reminder Services

Reach out to a senior care agency and ask about medication reminders. Your dad can have a professional caregiver at his house to remind him when it’s time to take his next pill. If he has diabetes and needs to remember to check his sugar levels and see if he needs insulin, caregivers can remind him of that, too.

To arrange senior care, talk to a specialist about your dad’s health and the struggles he has with daily
tasks. Once you know more about the available services and prices, you can schedule caregiver visits to ensure good senior health.


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