It’s not easy necessarily to convince your senior that she needs a little bit more help. Whether she needs assistance running errands or with keeping up with household tasks, home care can be the perfect answer. Once you get her to agree.


Caregiver in Gilbert AZ: Convincing Your Senior to get Help

Caregiver in Gilbert AZ: Convincing Your Senior to get Help


Tie Home Care to Her Doctor’s Recommendations

Talk to your senior’s doctor about what’s going on. It’s possible that your senior’s doctor is also interested in helping her to conserve her energy and learn to accept help from other sources. If you can share with her doctor that she’s resisting the idea, her doctor may be able to help you out. Tying specific health recommendations to services home care providers can offer may help.


Put Some Slow and Steady Plans in Place

You should have a pretty good idea of how much help your senior and you need from home care services. That is your goal, but you might not be able to hit that goal right away. You may need to ease your senior into this, which means working home care into your senior’s schedule at a slow, steady pace. Instead of getting help many hours a week, you may want to start with an hour or two every other week. You can gradually increase the frequency until you’re where you need to be.


This Can Be a Trial Situation

Some situations mean that you honestly can’t wait to ramp up the help that you need. Let your elderly family member know that you both need the help now and that this is going to be a trial run for everybody. When she knows from the start that this situation is flexible based on how it goes, she may be a lot more willing to be open to how this can make life easier for her and for you.


Get a Little Self-centered

Your elderly family member might resist home care providers for herself, but if you switch the script, she might just be a little more amenable to the idea. Telling your elderly family member that you’re the one who needs some help might be more appealing for her. This isn’t a lie, because knowing that your senior has the help that she needs is definitely going to be a lot more helpful for you.

Remember it’s not always easy for your senior to be able to accept help from someone else. There are so many variables and reasons for that, but resistance to help doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need help.

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