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Companion Care at Home: Why Friendships Are Important

Friendship: Companion Care at Home
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One common concern for the elderly is isolation. Many elderly people find themselves becoming more isolated as they get older. It can be because family members move farther away, close relatives like siblings pass away, or perhaps because many of their friends were at their workplace and once retirement hit, they never connected anymore.

Companion Care at Home

Having friends is important at every age, so helping your loved one connect with others and develop friendships is an important part of her mental health and quality of life. While family members are wonderful friends, your loved one might be missing having someone who isn’t family to chum around with or have a cup of coffee with. She can create new friends, rekindle old friendships, or find a great friend in a companion care at home provider.

Companion care at home providers help fill those gaps when your loved one needs someone to play a game with, go on a walk with, or share a cup of coffee with. A companion care at home provider can be a wonderful friend for your loved one. But why are friendships so important for the elderly? Here are four benefits of friends.

Someone To Lean On

Life can be hard at times, and often, elderly loved ones don’t want to share their fears and concerns with their family members. They feel that will make them a burden or they feel like family members don’t want to hear about it. A friend is a great person to share about daily struggles or frustrations. They can lift your loved one when she’s feeling blue and she can do the same, giving her an incredible purpose.

Someone To Laugh With

There’s nothing better than a good belly laugh with a friend. Seniors often find they can be more silly or talk about fun topics with a friend. A good friend will help lighten the day’s worries by reminding your loved one about the good around her. If your loved one has a friend her age, they can reminisce over things they’ve both experienced and laugh about memories that others won’t understand.

Less Stress and Fatigue

While sometimes getting to a social event seems like a struggle, most seniors find that once they spend time with a friend, they feel their anxiety and stress fading away. They also come away from the time together with more energy to do other things in their day. Conversations with others keep the brain stimulated and even just a stroll through a museum together provides exercise. These elements of being with a friend can provide more energy and better clarity to your loved one.

Less Loneliness

Of course, having a friend to connect with routinely helps to alleviate the loneliness that plagues many seniors. Knowing that she has a friend or two that she can call or visit can help her relieve the loneliness even when she’s alone. It takes away from the feeling of being isolated from the world and all by herself.

Making new friends can still be frightening at this age, so start slow if your loved one struggles and have patience. If needed, look at having a companion care at home provider help along the way.

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