Senior Health: What Are the Alternatives to Hip Replacement Surgeries in the Elderly?

Senior Health: Your mom’s hip joints are affected by arthritis and become incredibly painful.

Due to other health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, or dementia, her doctor is cautioning against rushing into a hip replacement surgery. What are the non-invasive options? What will her recovery look like over the next few weeks if she doesn’t go for surgery right now? Senior Health is very important to keep on top of.


Home Care in Scottsdale AZ: Senior Health

Home Care in Scottsdale AZ: Senior Health


Use of Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relievers, Supplements, and Corticosteroids

NSAID medications like ibuprofen help alleviate pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Your mom’s doctor may recommend daily use of these over-the-counter pills to ease the pain.

Make sure you talk to the doctor after safe dosing. Excessive use of NSAIDs can affect the kidneys. You could also ask if supplements like glucosamine would help.

Another option that doctors may recommend is corticosteroid injections. If these injections are recommended, your mom would need to go to a medical office to get them. She’d need a ride as driving with hip pain may be too difficult for your mom.

If medications are recommended, your mom may want help with medication reminders. She’ll need help remembering when it’s time to buy refills or schedule new injections.

Ask About Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive treatment where tiny incisions are made to help. Using these small incisions, the surgeon can remove damaged tissue, which reduces pain within the hip joint.

Senior Health: Help Your Mom Make Lifestyle Changes

Your mom’s doctor may recommend she loses weight if she is overweight. Dietary changes are an excellent way to start. Avoiding sugary foods, saturated fats, and processed foods can help.

Talk to your mom’s doctor about the benefits of working with a dietitian. It’s beneficial for your mom to make dietary changes that meet her caloric needs, offer the nutrients she requires and helps with bone strength.

Exercise is essential, but hip pain can make that challenging. Instead of risking a fall, have your mom walk with a home care aide for support and use a cane. It may benefit her to work with a physical therapist to help strengthen the muscles in the hip.

She may need to pick and choose activities to limit overusing her hip. A daily walk for health is important. Doing the laundry might be worth handing over to someone else for now.

Talk to your mom about hiring home care aides to help her stay in good senior health at home. She can focus on healing and let someone else drive to stores, clean her house, and do the laundry. A home care specialist is happy to walk you through the process and go over the prices for the care services she needs.


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