Check-in and Make Sure Your Mom’s Okay

Senior Home Care in Scottsdale

Senior Home Care in Scottsdale

Physical health is one thing, but mental wellness is equally important and often overlooked. That’s the message behind January’s Mental Wellness Month. Mental wellness is how you manage stress, interact with others, and function within society. As your mom ages, is she maintaining mental wellness?

How Often Do People Visit Her?

Is your mom getting regular visits from her family members and friends? Ideally, your mom should have someone stopping by at least once a week. She needs visitors for socialization, but also to ensure she has enough to eat, drink and care for herself. If she’s out of toilet paper, it could be stressful.

When your mom lives alone, she may become lonely and feel isolated. Regular visitors can also help ease feelings and help her stay mentally and emotionally healthy.

What Can She Do Independently?

What is your mom able to do on her own? Now, what does she require help doing? Where she needs help, it’s important to have someone there on those days who can take over the challenging tasks. She might be fine dusting and sweeping her floors, but changing her sheets and doing the laundry is too much.

Meals are also important to consider. If your mom is unable to cook meals on her own, she may not make the wisest choices when it comes to meals and snacks. She may lean towards meals ready to eat out of a can, or easily baked or microwaved. They’re not always the most nutritious options.

Firstly, make a list of the chores she cannot do by herself, and note how often they need to be done. Medication reminders would be daily, but housework and laundry are probably weekly chores. Family members with free time to help her can sign up for the days they’re available. If there are gaps, it’s important to arrange senior home care services to ensure your mom never has to struggle to complete a task.

Is She Able to Drive?

Can your mom still drive, or has she been told to stop driving due to her health or eyesight? If she’s not supposed to drive, you need to make sure she has someone around to help her run errands, get to medical appointments on time, or attend social activities in her community.

Senior home care is an important resource if you don’t live close enough to ensure your mom socializes, interacts well within her community, and takes time to de-stress. She’ll have supportive caregivers to ensure she can leave her home to run errands, attend social events, and engage within her community.

Arrange senior home care by talking to a specialist, asking questions, and learning more about prices. From there, you can schedule the services that will help your mom stay mentally well as she ages at home.

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